What Search Engines Examine while Crawling the Website for Ranking?

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SEO (search engine optimization) is the technique that is booming rapidly and used by majority of businesses or marketers to appear at the top position of search engine result page. This is considered as one of the most useful process that increases the sales of companies by improving the visibility and creating the unbeatable online presence. There are innumerable benefits that businessman gets using the SEO services but doing search engine optimization is not an easy task. Internet world remains keep changing from time to time by the development of various innovations. Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines make various updates in the policies and algorithms used to rank the sites on listing.

The search engines crawls the websites and choose that web portal which provide easier search-ability and useful result to the users according to the search query. To become user and search engine friendly, SEO require various techniques that must be done accurately in fair manner to get the ranking without being discarded. There is pool of SEO Services India that provides award-winning services to target the desired audience and stand out with unique image among n number of competitors. The main reason behind using the search engine optimization is not only limited to improving the visibility but to proffer high quality results to users so that online visitor becomes the regular consumer.

There are many factors that deteriorate the quality of website and get rejected by the search engines. Let us discuss some of the points that do not allow the search engines to crawls the web portal and include it in indexing:

Poor quality of content

Google’s algorithms such as Hummingbird and Panda never approve the website for high ranking that contain irrelevant, duplicated or bad quality of content. It lowers down the ranking of web portal that does not give useful and innovative information to the users. To avoid this problem, the experts write and submit clear, concise, inventive, inspired, compelling and enjoyable content on popular websites. The content may be in the form of article, blog, classified, press release, video and lots more.


Improper link structures

It is not possible to get high ranking if the websites contain any poor link structure that is not easily understandable by the search engines. Thus, it is essential to build the effective links and remove the broken or poor links structure.

Use of similar images

Never include same or duplicated images in the web portal as that was already being used since search engines always looks for uniqueness in the sites.

Apart from it, the search engines examine various features in the website and after analyzing the quality of web portal, helpful and useful site is included in the ranking that satisfy the needs of searchers. The experts provide result oriented SEO Services in India by designing the user friendly website that offer the best user experience by providing the easier navigation and links between the internal pages.

The experts use various techniques such as blog submission, Meta data descriptions, tag, Keyword optimization, classified submission, press release promotion, article marketing, backlinks, directory submission, competitive analysis, market research and many more. These tactics allow ranking higher than the competitor and boosts the business with tremendous success.

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