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Have you heard about the new Google ranking factor that is believed to have been partially responsible for the major movement in the rankings over the past 90 days? Not yet? It’s fine. Because with this blog the expert of SEO Service Delhi will take you to the journey of a new ranking factor in town moreover the links, content and RankBrain – Searcher Task Accomplishment.

About Searcher Task Accomplishment

Google is capable to cross reference a great amount of the date got from Google, Android as well as Chrome. Also Google is capable to utilize this information to recognize the search results that completes the task that searcher wants to achieve.

Basically, this is a combination of

#1 The measure of time spent on page before returning to Google

#2 Click through rate

#3 What number searchers continue clicking more results from the similar search?

#4 What number searchers type in a different related search after they visit a search result

#5 The proportion of searchers that visit a search result and do not hit the back button to return to Google

How Searcher Task Accomplishment Works?

Google going to reward results that…

  • Help accomplish the task

Google needs results for the phrase “change a gmail password” to rapidly explain how to change the gmail password.


  • Find the extra needs and address them

Google prefers results that will go well beyond tending to the primary task that requires to be accomplished. Numerous researchers that type in “change a gmail password” are beginners who have recently learned to use internet.

In this case, the result should be identifying this as well as address the extra needs within the posts or by linking to other posts that consist of the answers for…

Change Password

Change or reset your password

How do I change my Gmail password on my Android phone?

How can I recover my Google account?

How can I change my phone number in Gmail?

The Strategies for the Superlative Searcher Task Accomplishment Optimization

There are three approaches to fulfill Google’s search task accomplishment…

  1. A lengthy form post wrapping up the fundamentals with the embedded YouTube videos.

This kind of post will be around 2000 words. You will answer the primary need with the initial 400 words. You need to acquire the answer as fast as possible. This post will be further followed by a proven YouTube video that displays a visual walk through or dives deeper into address their primary need. Here the proven video means a video that has maximum thumbs up to thumbs down ratio. The other posts will be broken into sections for every additional requirement. Every section will own 100-200 words followed by another embedded YouTube video. You should pitch every YouTube video with a call-to-action and bolded title above the video.

  1. An extra lengthy form post wrapping up everything

To understand this, take an example such as “How to write a blog”. This kind of post will be around 5000 words. You have to divide it into sections for selecting the blog topic, identifying your domain name, choosing a host, how WordPress is the ideal CMS, writing your initial post, crafting best post titles and blog post SEO.

The simple fact is that many topics, for instance how to write a blog, have several books written on it that span 30,000-70,000 words. Your 5000 words should be filled with action items and takeaways. Well this is how you will be able to cover the big topics in 5000 words.

  1. Make a sequence of posts

The third and the last approach to address the searcher task accomplishment ranking factor is to make a sequence of posts that address the primary as well as secondary requirements of the searcher.

This is how it works. Again, take an example of the search “How to write a blog.” You can address the primary as well as secondary requirements with a sequence of seven distinct blog posts.

Post 1- How to choose the ideal topic for blog

Post 2 – How to write a blog post every time.



Post 3 – How to write a blog that people want to read.

Post 4 – The best hosts to utilize for a new blog

Post 5 – Optimizing your blog posts for Google SEO

The sequence of posts permits you to make several posts. Every post will target diverse points of the process of collecting information on how to start writing a blog. Each blog post will involve links to posts that are a part of the series. At the end of the post 1, there will be links to post 2 through 5. At the end of post 2, there will be links to 1 and 3 through 5. And so on.

The series of posts accomplishes the following…

  • It allows you to have multiple posts that will be optimized for different keyword phrases.
  • It drives the visitor deeper into your blog. There is a direct correlation to the number of page views per visit and conversions. This is true for products, courses, and email subscribers.

Hence it is recommended to use multiple post formats over the other two formats.

Optimizing Past Posts for a Searcher Task Accomplishment Series

Every time Google shakes things up with a significant new ranking factor, you need to backpedal and roll out a few improvements to your old posts.

Here is the four step activity intend to make convenient changes in accordance with your past posts so they don’t get covered in the Google rankings.

#1 Identify existing blog posts that rank in the top 30 in Google results

Since it can require some time to update old posts, you need to ensure you put the time into posts that will pay off. If you are not ranking in the top 30 following a half year of distributing a post, at that point it is likely never going to get sufficiently high to deliver critical traffic.

#2 Discover the Additional Needs for Each Post

You can begin by writing in the main keyword phrase into Google search and examining the related searches at the base of the main page of results. This will demonstrate to you the extra needs that Google needs you to address. You can develop this by tapping on each of the related searches and repeating the process of reviewing their related searches. By then, you ought to have a smart thought of the extra needs of the searcher.

#3 View if you have other posts that already address the additional needs you identified

There is a decent shot that you may as of now have posts on some of the extra needs. For this situation, you will need to do is fill in the spaces to finish a progression of posts. These spaces are going to fill up your post planner with posts that your audience requires and needs.

#4 Add Your Call-to-Action Links to the entire series at the bottom of each post

Restrict your call-to-action to text merely. Because over half of your visitors will be utilizing cell phones, pictures can decrease the adequacy of a series call-to-action. Begin with a solid introduction sentence and list out the complete series with numbered links. Utilize the title of each post for your call-to-action.

Final Words…

Accordingly, in case you do some rank monitoring aggressively, you can perceive what sorts of content are helping individuals achieve those tasks and what Google is rewarding.

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