How to Use and Optimize Podcast for Visibility on Different Platforms

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This is well known that a high-quality, informative and interactive content is one of the main aspect of any successful SEO Strategy. In other words, content is a “King”. Conventional SEO strategies involve articles, blog posts, images and sometimes video as the major source or content. And while using these tactics which plays a great role in driving traffic and supporting your SEO efforts, Podcasts are usually neglected and diminished medium.

About Podcast

A podcast is a type of audio broadcasting on the Internet, generally available as series of episodes, downloaded from the Internet and tuned in on a PC or portable music player. The term arose as a portmanteau of “iPod” and ‘broadcast’.


Podcast can assist you to build your brand and draw in the huge traffic, while in the meantime adding rich content to your site and supporting your link building endeavors.

Tips to SEO your Podcast

Whether you are a beginner or established podcaster, follow these useful tips provided by the team of SEO Company Delhi on how to SEO your Podcasts to leverage it as well as to rank well on the platforms.

  1. Use keywords in the title

The iTunes ranking algorithm for podcasts mainly focus on the title of the podcasts in addition to the factors like total number of reviews and subscribers for the podcasts. This simply implies that while you want to have a title which is compelling you shouldn’t have a title which is so unclear that it doesn’t explain in clear language what your podcast is all about. Ensure to make use of your most important keywords in the title of your podcast.


  1. Optimize RSS feed

RSS feed is all about what people are subscribing to when they subscribe to your podcasts on platforms like iTunes, Google Play Music and other podcast platforms out there. So when you think to update your site’s title, you also have to refurbish in your RSS feed.


  1. Leveraging your website

As SEO experts, you generally attempt to draw in more confided links to your sites. A great podcast is only one more sort of content you can use to attract those links. If a writer is looking at your site and considering connecting to your podcast content, indicating them other trustworthy sites where your content has been featured can act as a social proof that your content is legitimate, high quality and reliable, and in this manner worth connecting to.


  1. Refreshing Content

Taking existing content and recycling it in a great way to use resources that you already have to empower your authority and enhance your ranking on specific subjects. You can take the content from your podcast and transform it into articles, blog posts, slide presentations, videos and so on to get considerably more SEO value from the recycled content.

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  1. Use “YouTube” as other search engine

You can take your podcast recording and transform it into a YouTube video reasonably effortlessly. There are heaps of file converters and video editing software which can translate your audio files into video. You should make an enhanced title for your YouTube video and have a good description that contains a link to the show notes and episode page. Also, provide your own transcription of the podcast to abrogate the YouTube auto-generated transcript, which is full of errors. Transcripts can be helpful to read the subtitles as your episode plays.


  1. Podcast for link building

Another way, podcasting can profit your entire search engine optimization endeavors is through attracting links. If your podcast content fascinating, engaging, convincing, helpful and so on, it might well draw in connections all alone, however there are certainly other links that you can seek after. One of the easiest approaches may be to get a podcast guest speaker to promote the podcast on their own site.



With such efforts, podcasting and SEO can cooperate to help you gather that excited community of supporters. SEO tactics can assist enhance your podcast audience; and consequently, as your podcast develops in popularity, it can yield search engine optimization advantages back to your site.

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