Google’s Latest Fred Algorithm Update 2017 that brings Storm in SEO World

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As change is the main rule of Google, this time again it has made the new update called “Fred”. Google said that all the rules and techniques webmasters need to follow to become Fred friendly are mentioned clearly in the webmaster guidelines.

What Fred is all about?

According to the research, it is found that Google makes around 3 changes each day to ensure the good results for online user’s queries. These are generally the minor changes that do not create the biggest impact on ranking and traffic volume. But many biggest updates also happen in a year making the huge fluctuation in search engine ranking and Fred is among one of them.

Webmasters practicing the black hat SEO techniques for enhanced ranking might lose their position from search result. It brings the storm in SEO world by removing the web page with very low quality content and providing rise to superior quality of website on Google ranking.

Fred algorithm update is somehow similar to Penguin algorithm and is primarily made to target the websites with very low quality content and backlinks. In short terms, the sites that aims only to earn more revenue and are not obeying the Google webmaster guidelines might suffer from lost ranking.


Website or a page targeting the long-tail keywords and have the outdated content written before 2014 or have too many ads may see the huge drop in ranking. Fred penalized the site that has old and artificial backlinks. So, webmasters need to work on these two significant factors to remain unaffected from Fred algorithm update.

How this new update affects the search results?

Might be some people love it, some will hate it. This update shakes the ranking world by affecting the ranking of websites at an extent level. Numbers of websites are potentially hit by the Fred seeing more than 90% of decrement in their traffic volume. Advertising heavy, local business sites, shallow content, and many more websites are affected by this change.

Websites that were in the top 10 ten positions before Fred update are not seeing out of top 100. From this statistics, you can imagine how this update is making the extensive changes in search engine ranking and traffic.

How to determine whether you’re affected by Fred update?

To get the best and timely recovery, it is essential to know if you were affected by it. You can do the following things for this:

  • Determine whether your website has noticed the drop in its ranking or traffic between 5 to 20th If no, you don’t need to worry about it but if so then adopt the best approach as soon as possible.
  • Separate the content i.e. keeps the top-quality and updated content, and old & low quality content separately to work effectively on the poor one.
  • Match the keywords or phrases that are no longer in the ranking on the basis of last SERP and traffic volume.
  • Update the content and improve its quality by rewriting, refreshing or writing the new content.
  • Ensure your website has only natural and good backlinks. Use backlink spam checker tool to determine the quality of backlinks.

Ad Heavy Low Value Content Site are Getting Fred Penalized

These are generally the websites that are designed and developed to have an immense boost in the revenue and online user traffic. Ad heavy low value content websites usually have text based content with numbers of targeted keywords generating more maximum revenue rather than solving the searcher’s query.

Best tips to get the effective recovery in the ranking and lost traffic

  • Design the website for online users with easier navigation, optimum content, and better ad ratio in required limit.
  • Remove the tag pages if site is like a blog. It is the most effective way to get the quick and complete traffic recovery.
  • Create the authoritative, useful, and in-depth content that has a real value and solve the online user’s query providing the helpful solution.
  • Update the content focusing on what users want to get not on keyword based providing no solution to searchers.
  • Create and optimize different forms of content such as images, videos, etc than just text based. Focus on non-profit content that is good for an industry and gain the natural links.
  • Use the SEO friendly link building techniques to get the good backlinks.

Most of the webmasters become the victim of Fred algorithm update. If you want to know its impact on your website ranking or seeking a recovery from it, contact the Best SEO Company Delhi. The well-versed SEO experts stay up-to-date with every Google change and find the best tactic to remain protected from its affect.

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