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Google is the largest and most popular search engine that test new things and provides advanced features to key profit-created products to get advertisers spend more investment. Rolling of AdWords alphas make Paid Search Junkies life easier.

New AdWords Experience also known as new user interface provides advertisers with awesome bonus capabilities by offering exclusive features. The new interface will be offered to online advertisers by the end of this year. However, it will take a time to consider the layout and look of interfaces but advertisers can achieve an extra incentive with its wonderful features that save the analysis time.


Current features of new User Interface (UI)

  1. Household income targets

The new interface provides household income reporting and targeting for search campaigns from Demographics tab. The targets are applied through local targeting in the previous interface.

  1. Promotion extensions

Access to promotion extension is easier now with a new interface. Advertisers can show and link to particular offer in the text ads with their respective promotion extensions.

  1. Audience page

The new UI provides original audience page to offer one place for the management of audience target and optimization. Target and bid currently known as Targeting and term Target is more suitably referred as Observations.

New marvelous features that will be rolling out over some coming months

To offer advertisers with the pools of benefits and effective use, Google AdWords is currently working on various new amazing features. According to the sources, following are the new features that will be rolled out to AdWords new interface in coming few months.

  1. Insightful navigation

At the very first, the look of new UI may appear strange but it will become easier and simpler when you navigate through a platform and execute various regular works. The intuitive designs save the good amount of time providing easier navigation.

  1. Faster and smoother experience

The use of new interface provides a user with the faster use in an efficient and simplest way. The current AdWords interface is comparatively slow.

  1. Custom in-market audiences

It is coming to the search campaigns and will be launched very soon. It can be personalized on the basis of website of an advertiser, their business objective, and campaign performance.

  1. Landing page performance

It would become quite easier for an advertiser to analyze the performance of their landing page by accessing the entire information in one place. The new landing page screen appears just like a keywords page and ads. Advertisers would be able to optimize for an excellent user experience and ensure improved ad performance on mobile.

  1. Store sales measurement uploads

The new AdWords user interface allows retailers to import store transactions directly into the AdWords or via 3rd party. This feature can be enjoyed by the retailers who hold the reliable program emails at the time of sale.

  1. Overview dashboard

It is considered as the best addition in new interface as it will help to determine what is happening with your account and digestible dashboard. The top of the dash has a graph that displays about 4 colorful metrics with 4 widgets under:

  • Campaign: – Outline of excellently successful campaign
  • Biggest changes: – Provide an insight of which campaign experience great variations for your preferred metric against the last phase to what was chosen in your date series.
  • Device: – Device used such as tablets, computers, mobile phones
  • Day and hour: – Shows what specific time and days, people are looking for your specific keywords, clicking, conversions, etc. You can find out which time had the great volume for metric of your choice.


  1. Google attribution

New free Google attribution product will be incorporated into AdWord’s new UI.

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Experts believe that updated AdWords interface breathes new life into the platform by providing the features of old AdWords and some more. They stay well aware about rolling out of the new features in AdWords experience.     

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