4 Essential Google Analytics Metrics You Should Remember

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SEO tactics play an important role in your digital marketing strategy. Whether you are doing it on your own or taking the help of any firm providing SEO Services in Delhi, it is important to understand which metrics you really need to focus on.

The question arises here is, is it all about your Keyword Ranking progression? Or are there other metrics that deserve our attention more? Well, though keyword rankings are important, but they are not the only reason to find the success of your campaign. Different firms report on their services in distinct ways, but at the very least they should all contain these base metrics.


Metrics That Matters the Most


  1. Users Metrics – This refers to the number of people visiting your site,despite how many times they visited your site. If the number of visitors isn’t expanding, then your endeavors are likely not working, at least not to support you. One thing you truly need to focus on is the “New Users”. It’s incredible to see your traffic is constantly growing, but that doesn’t mean your audience has become greater. For instance, if someone visits your site 2 times and another person visits it once, you have 2 unique users with 3 sessions.

This helps you to check whether your audience is growing, and if diverse promoting efforts are paying off. This really helps for when you are doing marketing that cannot be tracked solely in Google Analytics.


  1. Top Landing Pages – These are those pages that your visitors think are very important, based on their engagement. Top landing pages offer you a great deal of insight into which pages on your site are performing well. This will give you a good idea of what information is most liked by your visitors and what pages your users are converting on.

Such insights are relatively useful with regards to building out new content on your site. Through this you can also check which page is performing worse and can devise a strategy to improve the page’s performance.

  1. Conversion Rate – This refers to the percentage of visitors that accomplished a goal on your site.Conversion Rate is presumably one of the most vital metrics you could track you could track since it actually discloses to you how effective your site is.

Your conversion rate can reveal how well your site’s data and the interface are persuading visitors they need your product or service to resolve their issue. If your conversion rate is low, odds are you have to review your page’s content to check whether it is answering the right questions and if it is the correct audience.

Your conversion rate can likewise help you find site issues. For instance, if your conversion rate drops all of a sudden for a form submission, there is a good probability that something is untrue with the form itself.


  1. Traffic Referral – This shows you where online visitors originally came from. It is essential to know where your traffic is originating from, so you can realize whether your efforts in specific areas are paying off. You will be able to find whether that social campaign on Facebook is directing visitors to your service page, or if those posts on Twitter lead people to read your recent blog.

If you do not see an expansion in referrals from these sources, you can discover that a few alterations will be required.

Now when you have a good knowledge of what metrics are actually all about, you can use that information to make you SEO efforts more efficient. Go jump into your Analytics and have an intense look at these numbers and perceive just how prosperous your campaign truly is.

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