20 Best Free Tools to Get Head Start in SEO

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Whenever I have studied, I mostly found that every person love the work that gets done easily without consuming extra cost and time. If you are going to start your SEO campaign and want to get good results from it, you need a handful of best SEO tools. But in the very beginning, no one wants to go over the budget. Here in this article, I bring you the highly useful SEO tools from which most of them are absolutely free.

List of valuable tools to improve SEO potential

  1. Moz

Moz is a perfect collection of numerous user-friendly inbound marketing tools from which most of them charge almost nothing. Some free and widely used tools are listed below:


  • SERP overlay (display OSE metrics on single search result)
  • Followerwonk (showcase information on Twitter)
  • Open site explorer (backlink analysis tool)
  • Moz local (show the state of local citations of a company)
  • Mozbar (get access to main features for specific page at Moz)


  1. Google pagespeed insights or free Pagespeed Insights Checker

It is the best tool to check the speed and usability of website on several devices. Other than Google tool, you may also use free Pagespeed Insights Checker tool from Best SEO Company Delhi to measure the performance of webpage for mobile and desktop devices. This powerful resource extracts the specific URL for two times one with mobile user-agent and other with desktop-user agent. Enter the URL of website and tool will offer the report about website speed and great opportunities to improve it by testing the website loading time and performance for multiple devices.

  1. Google search console

This is the essential tool that every SEO expert must use as a vital part of their strategic planning. It helps in making the well informed and confident decisions for better future of marketing and finding the problems that acts as the biggest obstacle in search marketing success. This powerful tool provides configuration control and relevant information for website in Google.

  1. Pingler.com


Blog pinging is considered the best way to tell search engines regarding new updates of a blog and get the faster indexing of blog post. Pingler.com is fast and excellent tool for effective blog pinging than other tools available. You can index the recent and de-indexed expired domains for Private Blog Networks (PBN) using this powerful tool.

  1. Keys4Up

Keyword research is very difficult process for most of the SEO experts especially for those who are new to do Search Engine Optimization. To do best optimization, it is necessary to search and utilize the keywords that align perfectly with your industry and business goals. Keys4Up is the tool that makes this process easier and faster. You will come to know the powerful features and effective use of this tool after running some searches for primary keyword.

  1. Canva.com

Bloggers seeking to create the appealing picture arts by including simply the text image or featured picture can make use of highly useful online tool named Canva. It is the easy to use and fast tool which provides many customizations such as adding images, text, illustrations, background, etc.

  1. Tinypng.com


Other than the visuals and graphics of image, its size also matters a lot. Tinypng.com is the website where you can efficiently compress the jpg and png images to very smallest size without affecting its quality. To compress the image, all you need is to visit the website, upload the image (add up-to 20 images with maximum file size of 5MB for each picture) and let panda compress it. Compressed image can be saved to dropbox or downloaded easily.

  1. Keyword suggestion or generator tool

Just enter the keyword and this free tool created by SEO Company India will instantly provide the handful of highest quality and relevant long-tail keyword opportunities that are organized in proper way alphabetically. This tool will offer the solid base suite keywords that match with ever-growing list.

For instance: when you enter the keyword SEO tips, this tool will offer many suggestions such as SEO tips and tricks, SEO tips for 2016, SEO tips for beginners, SEO tips for wordpress, and lots more.    

  1. GTmetrix and page speed checker

Good website loading speed is essential factor not only for search engines but online searchers also love to access the site that takes very less time to load. GTmetrix.com is the website that provides various methods on increasing the loading speed of site. Other than this, you can use free online tool Website Speed Checker designed by top SEO Company in India. It would be the process of only some seconds and then it will display the report along with various stats such as how fast and slow does the website speed is, total page size, and more.

  1. Google keyword planner


Google Keyword Planner helps to know what online visitors search for on the web. Google will give all sorts of useful stats to assist in the keyword strategy. You will come to know about the competition, monthly search volume, and the helpful terms you might not have considered yet.

  1. SEO quake

SEO quake is extremely useful tool for webmasters, online marketers or SEOs who are on the hunting for gathering competitor’s information. This resource lets you check the crucial stats from the browser no matter which one you are using such as Opera, Firefox or Chrome. It is a nice tool to have the data about what you are doing at the moment and what still you need to achieve success. By analyzing what competitors are using, you can take the complete advantage of this information in pushing the website to top of SERPs. Within very less time, ton of data will be accessed at the fingertips.

SEO quake gives data on links, traffic, on-page keyword optimization, social shares, and more helpful tips.

  1. WikiGrabber

Wikipedia is the ideal source for related keywords. Once you search for the specific keyword, you will come over the good collection of LSI (latent semantic indexing) keywords after reading the specific page. WikiGrabber provides the simplest way to search all the vital broken Wikipedia links and citations you can take advantage of as well as the links that are pointing towards that link.

  1. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is one of the widely used and helpful social platforms that are important for SEO success. It is extremely helpful for promoting the updated content and staying on top of the great opportunities to engage with key influencers.

  1. Ahrefs


It is a 14days free trial process that provides the detailed insight including anchor text ratios, rate of acquisition, combination of do follow or not to follows, loss of links and much more. This is basically a powerhouse in Link Building software that has comprehensive and accurate backlinking database to track, manage, and start the campaign.

  1. Google trends

To stand out, it is essential to keep up with the latest trends of Google. By mastering the online trend analysis and understanding the updated changes in search query volume for queries and Google algorithmic changes, you can get ahead of the strong competition and enjoy the great profit.

  1. Rank cracker

This SEO software can be used to get the competitors ranking and perform work in a couple of minutes that manually takes around months. Install the software onto your computer and when it opens, get the list of competitor’s backlinks. Copy the link that you can get from the Open Link Profiler into tool by hitting the like on them. The tool will find the links that can be followed from link building software after analyzing all these links. Complete list of links you can play with in right hand column is appeared. This tool then exports these links which you can import into link building software.

  1. Bing webmaster


Bing webmaster tool also known as BWT provides an insight on the ways Bing is treating the website and gets the better control over them. It also offers the look over crawling, indexing, keyword optimization, and more significant elements that impact the Google performance.

  1. Screaming frog

Screaming frog is the best site crawler designed specifically for Search Engine Optimization. This tool will provide the useful data on all the URLs within some minutes.

  1. Raven

Raven is 30days trial that provides the plentitude of SEO tools under the single roof. It allows user to get access of their SEO module to spider the website and get in-depth audit results. Conducting keyword and competitive research, managing the link building, reporting on the progress, and everything gets possible now with Raven a suite of all SEO tools and many more extra features such as PPC tools, social tools, etc.   

  1. Google analytics


The most important activity for a webmaster is to understand their online visitors and analyze how they interact with a website. Google Analytics is the ultimate tool you can depend the most to gather the accurate and detailed data regarding search insights and whole web stats. This analytics tool offers the track about every bit of traffic and complete keyword insight making webmaster know which terms or phrases are mainly used by searchers to land on the website.

Putting the complete list of all free SEO tools can be the difficult task as there are hundreds of tools. The above mentioned are the ones that are found to be very useful and valuable to get the excellent insight within minutes. If you find any of the SEO tools helpful or have some new ideas, please tell us in the comment box, we love to hear you and your practices.

I, Dallin Harris born in Portsmouth, on the hill where City Hall now stands, and is a self-proclaimed Portsmouth Enthusiast. He is a writer, reader, and active organizer and volunteer.

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